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Molds, Bacteria, Viruses are examples of living organisms that flow through airstreams of home's and businesses.  These living organisms require disinfection, as the present the GREATEST THREAT TO OUR HEALTH.  Untreated, they can live for days at a time.  You will never totally eliminate your exposure to the pathogens.  


The behavior or movement of these pollutants are governed by the forces of gravitation, electromagnetism, turbulence or diffusion to move through the air. Bioaerosols can create disease and allergic reactions.  The size of bioaerosols can range from less than one micron to around 100 microns (see chart below, HEPA limit is in RED).


All Second Wind products that employ Ultraviolet light systems provide provide a dependable line of defense against indoor airborne contact from these pathogens and aid in the removal of the pollutants.

Breathe Easy, Second Wind is Taking Care of Your Air!


For information on how to obtain an Indoor Air Quality Do-It-Yourself Test Kit, Click here.





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