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Who Are We?


Second Wind Air Purifier has been the recognized leader in ultraviolet air purification equipment for residential and commercial applications since its beginning in 1990.  Among our industry leading technologies was the introduction of dual wave length lamp technology, which took the performance of ultraviolet air purification to a new level. Following that innovative direction was the launch of Ultraviolet Photo-catalytic Air Purification.


Second Wind Air Purifier continues to work with Independent Testing Facilities and University Institutions to ensure the highest level of performance and reliability. Once again, as Independent expert opinion of our test results indicate, we have made significant improvements to the evolution of ultraviolet air purification technology.


In January 2011, Second Wind Air Purifiers was acquired by Tiercel Technology Corp.  Tiercel Technology Corp acquired all patents, trademarks and designs while maintaining all accreditation and certifications previously acquired by Second Wind Air Purifier.  Your business with Second Wind is cared for by a highly motivated Sales Representative Group and a pleasant, attentive Customer Service Team.  Tiercel Engineering, Quality control, Purchasing, Manufacturing, and Information Technology groups support the Second Wind Business Model with intense quality standards manufacturing and assembling Second Wind Products in its ISO:9001 and ISO:13485 Registered Facilities.   


Our Web site endeavors to provide you, our customer, with the knowledge necessary to understand the complicated issues of indoor air pollution and its remedies. Second Wind products are featured on numerous other sites, obviously as a benchmark to which they measure themselves. Although their claims are often distorted or arbitrary to true fact, we thank them for helping bring you here, if that is the case, so you can learn about the true performance and benefits of Second Wind Air Purifiers.  If you have any suggestion for improving the content of this web site or question regarding Second Wind Products please use our contact page. Your comments are valued and welcome.


Our History

Founded in 1990 by Gerald (Jerry) C. Monagan, Second Wind Air Purifiers (made by Select Design Ltd) provided its first versions of purifiers to the North American market.  Manufacturing and assembly operations were perfomed in Fort Erie (1991) and later in Niagara Falls, Ontario Canada (1994).  Earliest designs and patents featured portable systems for use in large rooms and portable buildings, but the awareness of the need for Whole Home Purification soon brought forth additional design plans.  This new design (current model 1000KCS and 1002KCS) brought to market the first dual wavelength lamp technology for use in air purification.  This new lamp design began to treat off-gases and odors that were in the home.  Contaminants such as pet odors, tobacco smoke, cooking smells and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) from cleaners, chemicals, and building materials were now addressed by one device.


In 1997, the facility relocated to Medina, NY with a renewed focus on the U.S. Market presence.  Adding support and strength to the company was son Patrick Monagan in 1999, who began as Regional Sales Manager for Second Wind in 1999. 
Early in the 21st century Second Wind led the industry again, launching powerful Photo-Catalytic Air Purification in combination with High Output Germicidal Ultraviolet Light Technology in its products.  This new direction in Air Purification enabled Second Wind to provide Bio-Aerosol and VOC reductions to all HVAC systems without using singlet oxygen or ozone production that many competitive products were forced to use.  Patrick earned the role of President in 2005 and maintained that position until a tragic accident claimed his life in July 2010.
In 2011, Second Wind Air Purifiers was acquired by Tiercel Technology Corp.  Tiercel Technology Corp maintained all accreditation and certifications previously acquired by Second Wind Air Purifier, moving manufacturing and assembly of the Second Wind Products to its ISO:9001 facility.  Tom Wilson, a long-time employee of the organization was selected by Tiercel ownership to oversee the operations, of the newly acquired company.  Tom was responsible to coordinate facility relocation to downtown Buffalo NY and Princeton, ON. 


In 2014, Second Wind Air Purifier Inc. & Second Wind Air Purifier Ltd. divisions were acquired by TRW Investment Holdings Ltd.


In 2018, Second Wind Air Purifier Inc. & Second Wind Air Purifier Ltd. divisions were acquired by General Filters, Inc.

Since the launch of this website in early 2012, Second Wind Air Purifier has expanded into International Markets and has renewed testing projects with internationally acclaimed Universities to continue the leadership role in Ultraviolet Air Purification for the planet.  




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