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Volatile Organic Compounds or VOCs

Your home or office's airflow is a super-highway for chemical compounds that create odors, fumes and off-gasses.  Indoor Chemical Pollutants, called Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC's) can come from household cleaners, building materials, carpeting, electrical components...the list is endless.  No home or office is immune from generating and recirculating these pollutants.

What are VOC's?

"Volatile" refers to the ability of a substance to evaporate or readily vaporize at room temperature.
"Organic" refers to compounds containing hydrocarbons.
"Compounds" consist of two or more elements, substances, ingredients or parts.
Put it altogether and what does it mean: VOC's are hydrocarbon based compounds which involve life or the products of organic life that will evaporate or vaporize when placed at room temperature. Petroleum products such as gasoline for example, is a byproduct of once living organisms that will vaporize at room temperature. Glues, which are often made up of boiled animal parts, (hydrocarbons) that are often used in the production of wood products and the installation vinyl flooring etc., will also vaporize or off-gas formaldehyde as they cure. This is where the term "off-gassing" comes from.
What makes the understanding of VOC's a bit more difficult, is that we usually consider evaporation or vaporization as the change of a solid or liquid to a gas or liquid vapor. Vaporization in this case refers to the diffusing or scattering of matter. This is why mold for example, has been referred to as a VOC, even though it is often considered a bio-aerosol belonging to the fungi family. Mold has the property of vaporizing (scattering) spores which often contain proteins that can be extremely dangerous to humans. Likewise, the fecal material of dust mites can vaporize which also contain harmful proteins that can affect the lining of the lung.
Paints, Cleaners, Shoe Polish, Carpeting, Cupboards, Furniture...again the endless list.  These all play a significant role in polluting our indoor environment with sometimes benign but more often dangerous emissions that have both short and long term affects on our health.
An installed Second Wind Product with our Patented Photo-Catalytic Oxidation (PCO) process is ideal to control VOC's, off-gasses and odors in your home.

Breathe Easy, Second Wind is Taking Care of Your Air!

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